Free Dashboard

Dash-board Zone is announcing a true no-strings attached offer for a Free Dashboard Software License.

Our community has provided tons of Free dashboard reviews with detailed screenshots, we have offered Free Dashboard KPIs for every domain we could get our hands on and we created a Free WordPress plugin just to demonstrate we mean “dash boards”

Today we are announcing a very unique offer, a “Free License to Dashboard Software”

We have arranged with our sponsors to provide a Dashboard license and have convinced them that this is going to be good for them as well as Dashboardzone users.

Our initial sponsor for this campaign is InfoCaptor which is a superb Dashboard and reporting application.

How to claim the Free Dashboard Software

  1. Join Dashboard Zone
  2. Send us an email at “dashboardzone AT gmail . com” describing briefly the project or purpose of your project (just few words or couple of lines)
  3. Every week we will pick one Dashboard Zone reader and award the Free License
  4. You could use the Free license for any database of your choice to create reports and dashboards.

Don’t care for the Free Dashboard?

If you don’t care for the Free Dashboard, you can still join our newsletter through which you will be assured of regular updates and updates to our own reporting and dashboard solution. Yes, we are secretly working on our own dashboard platform which we intend to release it for free and we will slowly reveal the details of the project.

What are your chances of Getting a Free Dashboard License?

I would say, the chances are pretty good. We just launched our newsletter and not many are aware of the newsletter so if you join now, you have a very high chance of winning the free license the following week.

Thank you for reading


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