Freshwater Crisis Dashboard from QlikView

Circle of Blue is a group consisting of journalists, scientists and other environmental experts which is dedicated to solving the global freshwater crisis. This group conducted a survey of fifteen countries in total, gathering data related to freshwater use along with social attitudes towards the issue of clean water. Once all of this data had been collected they turned to QlikView, hoping to be provided with a business intelligence solution that would effectively display their findings. The dashboard featured below is the result.

As you can see, the top left hand corner of the dashboard features a list of the countries included in the survey. This allows users to select specific countries and compare their results directly. There is also a table giving some detailed information on the country in question, which is of course relevant towards the freshwater supplies available to its populace. Two gauges have also been included to provide a direct comparison between agricultural and industrial water usage for the country in question. While this space might have been better occupied by a single pie chart, the information is still intelligible and clear.

The two largest charts on the dashboard provide data on daily and annual usage of freshwater. The top chart allows the daily usage of water by various countries to be compared, and also breaks down each figure into industrial, agricultural and domestic usage. The bottom chart gives an indication of the Total Annual Freshwater Withdrawal, again breaking these results down into the same three categories.

Inetsoft Global Water Shortage Dashboard