Google Adwords Performance Dashboard from Zoho Reports

These days just about everyone is trying to make some extra money on the internet, especially through blogging using Google Adwords. This means of advertising is also very useful for advertisers. However many people can find it difficult to keep track of the performance of their advertising campaign, when conducted in this manner. The Zoho Reports dashboard featured below is designed to monitor the performance of a Google Adwords account at the campaigns level.

As you can see from the dashboard, there are a number of ways through which an ad campaign can be conducted using a Google Adwords account. The chart on the top left corner displays the total number of clicks per month, using a standard line chart. There are three trend lines featured on this graph, representing three different ad campaigns. Perhaps one of the most important charts is the second line chart on the top line, which displays the conversion rate for each month. Again the three campaigns are featured and trend lines clearly show how many clicks were converted into actual sales.

This approach is followed throughout the dashboard, with a total of eight line charts providing information on the various aspects of the ad campaigns. Two pie charts demonstrate the Total Cost Split between the three campaigns, and the Total Conversions Split. These charts display data from the previous month only. A Pivot Table on the bottom of the dashboard gives a full expenses summary.

Google Adwords Campaign Performance Analysis