Google and Salesforce Dashboard for Adwords



# Advertise Online: For companies new to Google advertising, it couldn’t be any easier. Salesforce for Google AdWords allows you to set up campaigns and ad groups, create text ads, and choose keywords, all from within the Salesforce user interface.

# Link to an Existing Google AdWords Account: If you’re already a Google advertiser, you can track the ROI on your existing Google investments from Salesforce. Current users of Google AdWords can link Salesforce right into an existing Google AdWords account.

# Clicks to Leads: Understand the thoughts of your customers at the exact moment they are searching the Web for your products and services. With so many companies using Google for lead generation, Salesforce for Google AdWords will correlate ad clicks with inbound leads, allowing the sales and marketing organizations to view search-related details with every lead.

# Track AdWords ROI: As inbound leads are converted to accounts and opportunities, Salesforce for Google AdWords allows marketing managers to track search marketing investments all the way through the sales process to the ultimate generation of revenue. This enables real ROI calculations on search marketing so marketers can concentrate their budgets on the most effective ads.

# Measure, Modify, Repeat: Salesforce for Google AdWords will show which aspects of a Google advertising program are delivering results to the business. With complete visibility into what’s working, companies can effectively tweak ad campaigns to maximize results.