Google Health Dashboard

Google Health has undergone a recent overhaul, and there are some fundamental changes and improvements now in place.

  • Redesigned Dashboard
  • Personal Goals Feature
  • Health Partners Integration
  • Progress Journal
  • Personalisation

  • Redesigned Dashboard:

A new dashboard layout that is simpler to understand and use is now available. This makes it easier to monitor your health data, and to see where improvement is required and goals have been met.

Health Dashboard

  • Personal Goals:

This is a simple application of dashboard features. Input data relating to a certain aspect of your lifestyle, e.g. daily water consumption, and view your data as a chart or graph. You may also wish to compare a few different aspects, for example to see how your daily exercise affects your water consumption or weight changes, etc. The comparison feature here can make your results a bit cluttered at times.

Custom Trackers

  • Health Partners Integration:

Various other health apps can now be integrated into Google Health. Therefore you can input data collected by these applications and have the dashboard reporting software include them in your reports.

Health Partners

  • Progress Journal:

Take notes of various aspects of your wellbeing, such as response to exercise or treatment, injury recovery etc. This can then be compared to the reports generated by your dashboards. This is a useful feature, but these notes could also be more effective if linked to data points on the charts themselves, for faster and clearer cross referencing.

Progress Journal

  • Personalisation:

You can select various topics that particularly interest you, and your Google Health dashboard will be customised to reflect these preferences. Google Search results will also have these filters.

Personalized Content