Health Metrics Dashboard from iDashboard

Dashboards are extremely useful business intelligence tools for the health industry. They are primarily used for organisation, allowing large health centres to coordinate expenses, staff, supplies etc. They have also been instrumental in reducing errors due to human mistakes, for example billing errors and inaccurate supply counts.

The sample dashboard created by iDashboard, which is pictured below features a range of charts displaying a variety of data generated by a hospital. For example, monthly admissions for a one year period are displayed on one chart, which has been generated as a bar chart. A comparative chart is then displayed next to it, illustrating monthly discharges. This is a fundamental aspect of dashboard layouts, putting two related charts side by side in order to allow direct comparison. In order to demonstrate the range of choices available with this dashboard, the monthly discharges chart has been generated in line chart format.

A slightly more morbid but equally relevant chart that is included in this dashboard is the monthly mortality rate. Again this is relevant to those hospital supervisors who are overseeing issues such as bed and staff requirements, as well as other hospital supplies. Finally another chart displays nursing workloads, through comparing staff numbers against patients. This is another important chart, which is in yet another format. The entire Health Metrics dashboard is put together in such a way as to give a detailed overview of occupancy and workload within a hospital. For example it can quickly and easily be seen if a given month which happened to feature a high rate of admissions, coupled with a low discharge rate resulted in a higher mortality level, due to increased workload.

Healthcare Metrics Dashboard