How do you monitor Jails and Puppets?

Another validation on the usefulness of Dashboards is the recent release of VisionAIR Dashboard module to monitor community oriented policing, increases situational awareness, and provides operational metrics at the “right-time”.

Command staff and supervisors are required to maintain awareness of the “pulse” of their operations. This typically includes many areas such as Communications, Patrol, Jail, Civil, Warrants, and other divisions. When responding to inquires from the public, their superiors, or their counterparts, they need to be able to respond quickly and accurately

Optimize Department Performance
Departments across the country find themselves understaffed to meet the needs of their communities. Measuring performance at the right time allows supervisors to address potential problems early. Some departments accomplish this today by running several reports at the end of each shift or by require each officer to fill out reports manually. Through the utilization of VisionDASHBOARD, decision makers can identify strengths
and weaknesses of their organization and then make timely decisions to improve operational performance.

Benefits for 911 Supervisors/Directors & Command Staff

  • Monitor call processing times as they happen
  • Shift resources and make other necessary adjustments to accommodate current call volume
  • Easily perform detailed historical call analysis
  • Customize email threshold warnings for communication centers:
  • Customize email addresses, subject, and message
  • View historical call volume trends compared with current activity level

Benefits for Law Enforcement Command Staff

  • Compare annual increases/decreases in crime types
  • View current levels and historical data for warrants, civil papers, arrests, and incident reports
  • Monitor and compare distribution of workload by officer

Benefits for Jail Supervisors & Command Staff

  • Monitor the jail population, at-a-glance:
  • Inmate capacities
  • Current population mix
  • Inmate location
  • Work release/weekender monitoring
  • Length of time incarcerated

VisionDashboard is an addon module for VisionAIR’s software.

Increasingly lot of software companies have been adding Dashboarding features to their application in order to differentiate themselves with the competition. Oracle once claimed that with the introduction of their embedded dashboarding features increased the sales of their ERP application and was able to beat SAP at numerous occassions.

One such example of recently introduced dashboard module is ReductiveLabs

Puppet Dashboard is (or will be) a web front end that keeps you informed and in control of everything going on in your Puppet ecosystem. It currently functions as a reporting dashboard and an external node repository and will soon do much more, including having better marketing copy.

Fundamentally, Dashboard lets you do two things: configure nodes using parameters, classes and groups for use as an external nodes tool; and monitor the status of nodes through real-time reporting and versioned change tracking. The main dashboard page shows you the status of recent Puppet runs, displays important information like pass/failure statistics, and alerts you of important failures, errors and unexpected events. Let’s take a look at how it does this.