How to add the gauges directly within the Posts

You can use the following table to determine which tags to use within the posts.

NOTE: You can use the tag or Gauges only once per page. If you add it multiple times, the Gauge will be displayed only once.


Template Tags

Chart Template Tag Content Tag
Average Comments/Post <?php if (function_exists(‘dz_average_comments_chart’)) { dz_average_comments_chart(); } ?> <!–tag_average_comments–>
Average Posts/Month <?php if (function_exists(‘dz_average_posts_chart’)) { dz_average_posts_chart(); } ?> <!–tag_average_posts–>
Current Month Posts <?php if (function_exists(‘dz_current_month_posts_chart’)) { dz_current_month_posts_chart(); } ?> <!–tag_current_month_posts–>
Comments for this article <?php if (function_exists(‘dz_comments_for_this_post_chart’)) { dz_comments_for_this_post_chart(); } ?>

If you select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Add to Post’ option below then it is not required to use the above tag in your template.

No special content tags. Just select ‘Yes’ for “Add to Post” option for this chart.
Total Posts <?php if (function_exists(‘dz_total_posts_chart’)) { dz_total_posts_chart(); } ?> <!–tag_total_posts–>

When you are ready to insert the Gauge you may just use the tag as shown in the screenshot below


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