HR Management Dashboard

Here is a Dundas Dashboard on HR Management. This dashboard demonstrate what a good dashboard is suppose to look like. No jazzy graphics and efficient use of screen real estate. There are Gauges on this dashboard and surely they are likable by even the “Gauge Haters”. The top gauges use the 90 degree angle rather than the comple 180 degrees or full Circle and hence squeezing more from the screen pixels.


Also the Dashboard utilizes bullet graphs .

A bullet graph is a variation of a bar graph developed by Stephen Few. Seemingly inspired by the traditional thermometer charts and progress bars found in many dashboards, the bullet graph serves as a replacement for dashboard gauges and meters.

Dundas uses its own charting libraries to produce the bullet graphs but if you are interested in a low cost option you could use Google Chart APIs to create bullet graphs. Here is a Google Gadget for Bullet chart

Ok, back to Dashboard

Here are the different metrics on the Dashboard

  • Bad Hires
  • Candidates Seeking Position
  • Candidates Accepting Position
  • Good Referrals
  • Engagement
  • Training Participation
  • Internal Promotions
  • Employee Retention
  • Awards in Excellence
  • Average Project Turnaround in Days
  • Support Turnaround
  • Consulting Services
  • Pre-sales
  • Components

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