Inet’s Airline Tracking Dashboard

The Airline Tracking Dashboard from Inet is a simple yet highly useful dashboard. It has been designed to allow users to view delays to aircraft anywhere within the US, and to then acquire additional information on these delays.

As can be seen below, Inet’s Airline Tracking Dashboard features a map of the United States as its only chart. Here users can select specific states or cities in order to view airline related information. This map features three tabs, labelled Delay, Weather and Map. Clicking on the Delay tab opens a list of realtime delays that are currently taking place in the United States. Similarly the Weather tab provides a list of weather conditions for each airport that is experiencing delays.

Users can also use the filtering system at the top of the dashboard to obtain additional information about delays. Filters can be used to select specific states and cities, to view delays only and to filter different types of delays. Finally bubble points are used to indicate to uses how long each delay is expected to last. The longer the delay, the larger the bubble, and mousing over this bubble of course provides additional information. Each of these bubbles is also color coded to indicate which type of problem is the cause of this delay.

This brilliantly simple and highly applicable dashboard can be accessed here.

Airline Tracking Performance Dashboard

Airline Tracking Performance Dashboard