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Currently, there is a lot of free, publicly available data focused on issues prevalent in today’s news. In most cases, however, this data is not easily consumable by the public. Often, it is scattered across multiple, hard-to-find sources. In addition, much of this data is very detailed and complex, making it hard to decipher. Finally, in many cases the data resides in formats that are not readily accessible by the general public.

VisualCalc has released a collection of dashboards based on such data. addresses this issue by aggregating this detailed, complex data into interactive, easy-to-use charts and graphs called indicators. These visual indicators help users identify trends or issues that might otherwise go undetected. In addition, these indicators enable users to perform deeper analysis into the underlying data. With a simple point-and-click, users can filter and drill-down into any of the indicators to customize their view of the data.



Inflation Dashboard

The Inflation Dashboard shows the latest trends in inflation and consumer pricing. A key are of emphasis in this dashboard is on gas prices. For example, the dashboard highlights the fact that after seven straight weeks of average national gas prices in excess of $4.00 (regular gas, all formulations), average gas prices have dropped below $4.00 for the last six weeks.

The dashboard then allows to perform detailed analysis on each indicators




Data Sources

• EconStats. Link:
• EIA: Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of Energy. Link: