InstantAtlas Swine Flu Dashboard

Swine flu is a major concern across the world, and cases and deaths related to the virus are being monitored closely. The World Health Organisation has collected a considerable amount of data concerning this issue, which has been made into a dashboard by GeoWise Limited.

This dashboard is dominated by a large world map, displaying laboratory confirmed deaths due to the swine flu virus. The data used in the sample dashboard is cumulative, and predates the 14th of May 2009. Users can filter this dashboard based on three main conditions. Firstly the can choose to view data on Human Cases of Influenza. Once this is selected, the user must choose the time period that they wish to view. They are given the option to select a date for which the laboratory confirmed cases (cumulative) will be displayed. Once this choice has been made blue circles will appear on the map, displaying the geographical location of the cases and their number. The circles themselves are proportional, which gives an automatic indication of the number of cases in each area. Mousing over the circles will provide users with the name of the country and the exact number of cases reported there.

Beneath the world map there is a line chart, displaying a trend line. This is a very simply chart illustrating the increase in the number of reported cases (cumulatively) as time goes on. Obviously this chart will only display data up to the date chosen by the user. It is dominated by a single blue line, which represents the number of cases worldwide. If a circle on the map is clicked on it changes colour, and a trend line of the same colour appears on the chart below. This allows users to see how the number of reported cases of swine flu in that area progressed over time, and in comparison with other areas.

Users can also view data on a day by day basis, without the cumulative aspect. The option exists also to choose to see data pertaining to fatalities due to swine flu. This is a very clear and functional dashboard, which provides clear analysis and information on the issue in question.