Interactive Green Car Dashboard 2010 from InetSoft

The Interactive Green Car Dashboard, developed by InetSoft, is designed for those consumers and motorists who are concerned about the eco-friendliness of their vehicles. As with all products today there is a range of options available, and it usually difficult to determine which option is the most efficient, economical or best suited to the consumer’s requirements.

This is the purpose behind the Interactive Green Car Dashboard. It is completely free, and offers users the ability to compare varying data sets at the same time. Initially the user selects a make of car, which provides a complete list of all of the various models produced by that manufacturer. Then the data set can be further reduced by specifying details such as model, class of vehicle and fuel type. The key factor of this dashboard is that a number of selections can be viewed simultaneously, i.e. two distinct brands can be compared or different vehicle classes.

The dashboard returns data about the greenhouse gases score of each model, as well as information on air pollution, MPG and more. All of these factors help buyers to distinguish between different options, and narrow down their choices based on the environmental effects of each car. The Interactive Green Car Dashboard was developed using Visualise Free, which is a tool for visual analysis that is completely free and which can be used to assist in the analysis of any detailed data sets.

green car dashboard