Internal Communications Dashboard


Here is an interesting dashboard from “The lean Agency”

The various KPI and Metrics on the dashboard are as follows

  • Current Activities ( sending Newsletter, Town hall meetings etc)
  • Key Message Understanding
  • Sales YTD
  • Productivity YTD
  • Staff Turnover YTD
  • Employee Engagement by country
  • Most visited pages within company network (intranet)

I think people assume that a dashboard should be all graphical charts but that is far from true. It is not necessary to over-do and represent each and every metric in a chart of graphical object.

For e.g in the above “Employee Engagement – by country” you could represent them in a table with two columns. First column being the country and the second the actual value.

And the values themselves can be color coded to be in Red, yellow or green on the targets

Background color: The use of the light blue color as background for each object is not appropriate as the text on the chart is not distinctive. What is wrong with just plain white background?