IT Planning Dashboard from iDashboards

The IT Planning Dashboard from iDashboards is designed to monitor IT development and usage in an organization. This dashboard has multiple tabs which deal with various sectors of any IT department. For example there is a Resource Monitoring tab, a Capital Planning tab and three Call Metrics tabs.

The Resource Monitoring tab, pictured below, provides real time information on the resources available within the organisation. This attractive dashboard features high quality graphics which have a three dimensional appearance. It also utilises a grayscale background, which helps to throw the charts and graphs into sharp relief.

This dashboard features a total of six sections, incorporating seven charts in all. The upper left segment holds a trend chart, and displays data relating to Space Usage by Location. Here each of a series of locations belonging to the organisation are listed on the bottom axis, and users can easily compare the differences in space usage of each site. Beneath this chart there is a very functional doughnut chart, showing Utility Information. There are only two data sets that must be displayed on this graph – available utility and utility that is being used.

There are a range of other graphs included in this dashboard also. The creators have utilized a bubble chart, dial chart and two 3D pyramid charts to keep this dashboard attractive, interesting and of course functional. The remaining tabs in the IT Planning Dashboard are also very well designed, and provide a range of information on various IT related issues. While much of this dashboard is very case specific, the BI application itself can be adapted to a range of operations.