Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Dashboard from Esri

Following the recent devastating earthquake in Japan, Esri have put together an excellent dashboard to map Social Media and traditional media updates pertaining to the disaster. The dashboard allows users to view the geographical origins of a range of news and social media posts.

The Earthquake and Tsunami dashboard consists of a map of Japan, with a range of tags superimposed onto it. There are four viewing options – users can see the map in either Streetmap, OpenStreetMap, Satellite Imagery and Topographic Map views. Users can zoom in or out on the map, which provides a highly detailed view of the country. It is also possible to view the locations of each earthquake and a shakemap can selected also. The shakemap colour-codes the map, showing the varying magnitudes of the earthquake across the region.

Users can choose to view the locations of news updates, from CNN, Reuters and more. They can also select YouTube videos, flickr posts, tweets and Ushahidi updates. This allows dashboard users to view posts from locations of specific interest to them, which can be accessed by clicking on their icons on the chart. This will open a window directly on the dashboard, so users will not have to navigate away from the page in order to view the posts.

This an excellent dashboard from Esri, that allows those who have an interest in first hand accounts of this events to access a number of sources from a single application.

Japan Earthquake Tsunami Dashboard