Key Performance Indicators for Service Dashboard- 2

Service KPI Listing

Emails Composed
Number of new outbound emails (not replies) generated from Email Center
Emails Received
Number of emails received by Email Center
Emails Replied per Agent Hour
Average number of email replies sent by an agent in one-hour of login time
Emails Replied to
Number of email replies sent from Email Center
Emails Replied within Service Level Goal
Percentage of email replies within service level goal
Field Service First Time Fix Rate
Rate of First Time Fix Service Requests to total Field Service Requests closed in the period
Field Service Inventory Usage Value
Value of inventory used in Field Service activities
Field Service Mean Time to Resolve
Average time to resolve Service Requests with Field Service tasks
Field Service Task Backlog
Number of open Field Service tasks
Field Service Task Closed Activity
Number of Field Service tasks closed in the period
Field Service Technician Utilization
Percentage of Field Service Engineer debriefed time over planned work time