KPI Dashboard from e-cubix

This is a sample Supply Chain dashboard that has been generated to showcase the abilities of the e-cubix software. This software is based on KPIs and includes over 500 inbuilt preset KPIs. Those who are creating a dashboard with this software simply have to choose the KPIs they require, select their preferred chart and add the data source.

The dashboard pictured below is composed of three tabs, Supply Chain and Distribution Planning, Sales Office Operations, and Dispatch Planning and Information Center. The primary tab, Supply Chain and Distribution Planning, is divided into three segments. The central region is composed of three charts, which represent the number of Stock Outs, the Number of Stock Alarms and the Stock Level. Each of these charts features columns, and two of them also include a trend line. These charts are basic but effective, and display their data efficiently. On the left hand side of the dashboard there is a KPI list, which allows users to filter the dashboard according to their needs. Beneath this list there is an innovative display features colour coded ‘smileys’. The expression on the faces indicate good, average or poor results while the colour coding also draws attention to negative figures. Finally the right hand side of the dashboard is composed of a number of gauge charts, detailing Leading Indicators.