KPI Dashboard from Verax

The KPI dashboard from Verax is an entire package that is designed to generate business intelligence reports with an emphasis on Key Performance Indicators. This is a very straightforward approach to dashboarding, which is also useful to the majority of users. The package itself is available for purchase from the developers, who have also created the dashboard picture below for marketing purposes.

There are a number of sample dashboards that have been created using this application, including the Sales Force Performance Dashboard. This report breaks down this issue into a number of simple charts, chosen due to their relevance to the sale performance analysis. The charts provided are Opportunities and Pipeline, Calls Made, Contacts Entered and Meetings Held. Each of these charts can be clicked on, which provides a magnified view. Combination bar and line charts are used to display the relevant KPIs for each chart. The Opportunities and Pipeline chart is divided into two, one of which is a quarterly overview.

Users can also choose to show the data for each chart, and there are additional drill down features accompanying the graphs also. A nice feature of the dashboard is that the traditional tab-based layout is not used. Instead the user is presented with a display of ‘buttons’ each representing a particular chart. Once one of these is chosen there is a dynamic response, with the buttons moving to the top of the screen and a larger version of the selected chart appearing beneath them. The dashboards generated by the Verax KPI dashboard reporting tool are very attractive, with nice graphics and soft colours. However this demo is quite simplistic as a business intelligence tool, and does not show off the full features of the application.