KPI Dashboard – Inventory Management KPI Dashboard

Use the Inventory Management dashboard to view information about inventory value and turns, and cycle count accuracy:

• View total inventory value, which includes inventory that is on hand (for example, in the store), WIP value (including material issues and resource charges), and inventory in transit between organizations.
• View inventory turns by organization, including the change in an organization’s inventory turns over time.
• View cycle count accuracy, including hit/miss accuracy and adjustment rate.

KPI DeƒOnitions
¡E Inventory Value: Total cost of ending inventory, which consists of
on-hand, intransit, and work-in-process (WIP) inventory.
¡E Annualized Inventory Turns: Annualized COGS / Average Daily Inventory Annualized COGS = (COGS / Number of Days in Selected Period) * 365

Cost of goods sold is the cost of goods shipped as booked to the COGS account in Oracle Inventory. For determining cost of goods sold, or inventory cost, standard cost is used in a standard costing organization, and actual cost is used in an actual costing organization.
Average Daily Inventory = Sum of Daily Ending Inventory Balance / Number of Days

• Hit/Miss Accuracy: (Total Hit Entries / Total No. of Entries) * 100
Hit/Miss Accuracy is the percentage of the total number of cycle count entries that fall within the hit/miss tolerance as compared to the total number of cycle count entries made.
• Gross Adjustments – Rate: (Total Gross Adjustment Value / Total System Inventory Value) * 100 Gross Adjustment Rate is the gross value of the adjustments made during cycle counting to the total system inventory value of the counted items at the time of completion of the cycle count entries.
• Exact Matches-Rate: (Total Match Entries / Total Number of Entries) * 100 The exact match rate is number of exact match entries as a percentage of the total number of cycle count entries. An exact match entry is an entry where the counted quantity entered is the same
as the system quantity.

KPI Dashboard