KPI Dashboard using Analyzer from Strategy Companion

This is a KPI Dashboard that has been put together to demonstrate the capabilities of a dashboarding application called Analyzer, which has been produced by Strategy Companion. These KPIs are mostly sales and finance based, and this dashboard makes use of a number of types of charts and graphs.

A scorecard is located at the upper left corner of the dashboard, which displays Finance KPIs. One of the more unique features of this chart is the inclusion of an ‘Importance’ column. This allows users to assign a given level of importance to each entry on this chart, working on a scale of 1 to 5. An attractive graphic based on stars makes this rating system both effective and easy to understand. This chart can of course be filtered according to requirements.

A strategy map is included on the upper right hand side of the dashboard. This is an unusual chart, and does not seem like a necessary addition to this dashboard. It does not provide any new data, and the information contained within it could easily provided to workers in another format. There is an attractive map of the United States positioned in the lower region of the dashboard, but this map chart can be filtered by country. Each state can be examined for Reseller Sales figures, and the chart is also colour-coded to reflect the data. There is also a table providing Reseller Analysis by State, which gives a good visual overview of the figures involved.

This dashboard was apparently put together in twenty minutes, which is impressive in that it looks very professional and attractive. However there is a distinct lack of thought in this dashboard. Some of the charts are irrelevant, and there is a strong reliance on tables.

data visualization dashboard