KPIs and Metrics for Service Dashboards – 3

Service KPI Listing

Field Service Technician Utilization
Percentage of Field Service Engineer debriefed time over planned work time
Inbound Abandon Rate
Percent of calls where customer hung up before speaking to agent
Inbound Agent Dialed Calls
Total number of Calls manually dialed by agent
Inbound Availability Rate
Percent of time agents were logged in and ready for calls
Inbound Average Talk Time
Average time agent spent talking to customer (in seconds)
Inbound Average Wrap Time
Average wrap up activity time (in seconds)
Inbound Call Center Leads Created
Number of leads created in call center
Inbound Call Center Opportunities Created
Number of opportunities created in call center
Inbound Calls Handled
Number of incoming calls answered by an agent
Inbound Calls Handled per Agent Hour
Average number of calls agents handled per hour of login time
Inbound Service Level
Percent of calls offered that are handled within Customer Wait Level Goal