KPIs and Metrics for Supply Chain

Supply Chain KPI Listing

Product Revenue
Product sales revenue (not including service) recognized in selected period (based on AR invoice lines)
Product Revenue Backlog
Value of booked order lines less returns plus deferred revenue backlog (invoiced but not recognized)
Production Value
Value of WIP Completions into Inventory
Production to Plan Rate
Production Standard Value / Planned Standard Value
Receipt to Putaway
Time elapsed from Receipt to Putaway
Resource Variance
(Actual Resource Cost – Standard Resource Cost) / Standard Resource Cost
Revenue Booked in Prior Periods
Revenue recognized that was booked in a period prior to the one it was recognized.
Revenue Booked this Period
Recognized revenue in a period that was also booked in the same period.
Scrap Rate
Scrap Value / Production Value
Utilized Volume
Volume utilized by material in warehouse
Weight Stored
Weight of material stored in warehouse