Metrics for Supply Chain Dashboard

Supply Chain KPI Listing

Inventory Value
Value of on-hand, WIP, and in-transit inventory on as-of date (by inventory category)
Lines Late to Promise
Lines shipped after promised ship date
Lines Late to Schedule
Lines shipped after scheduled ship date
Lines Shipped
Number of sales orders lines shipped
Manufacturing Cost Variance
(Actual – Standard Cost) / Standard Cost
Manufacturing Resource Utilization
Resource Cost Charged / Cost of Resources Available
Material Usage Variance
(Actual Usage – Standard Usage) / Standard Usage
Net Booked Order Value
Value of booked order lines less the value of booked return lines for the sale of products but not services
Past Due Schedule Lines
Number booked order lines with past due scheduled ship date
Past Due Schedule Value
Value of open order lines with past due scheduled ship date
Pick Exceptions Rate
Percent of Picks with Exceptions