Mobile App Dashboard on the US Economy from Lancet

Mobile apps are becoming more and more sophisticated and detailed all the time. It is now becoming possible to access high quality dashboards with full functionality on mobile phones, specifically iPhones and android-based hand sets, and of course iPads. Here, we look at a dashboard that has been designed by Lancet for iPad users, which makes use of the Apple Microstrategy app.

This dashboard has been designed to compare the performance of the economies in the various states in the US. It incorporates data stretching back over the last six years, and therefore includes analysis of the effects of the recession on each state. Some of the KPIs which are used in this dashboard include Average Wage figures, and also Employment numbers. Therefore the dashboard allows users to directly compare wages in a given state as time progresses, and also to compare wage levels in various states with each other. The same is also possible with employment figures, and the other KPIs that have been used in the dashboard.

Drill down features allow for an extensive amount of additional detail. It is possible for users to view figures for each county in each state, and to analyse the KPIs from these areas also. Further comparisons can then be made on a local level. This dashboard is therefore an excellent tool for those who are studying the fluctuating economy throughout the US. Further information can be found at