What are Dashboard Mockups?

Dashboard mockups are a great communication and requirement specification tool. How?

Because they communicate exactly how roughly the end dashboard page should look like.

And since it does not contain any technical details on how the dashboard data will be sourced from, which chart engine, which platform and language it will be built upon, it is a great communication tool between functional and technical specifications.

The functional user can easily build the mockup in any visual tool such as powerpoint, visio or just paintbrush.

So what does a typical dashboard mockup should included.

  • Desired Dashboard Name
  • Each dashboard parameter with the name
  • User can specifiy whether it will be drop down, checkbox or slider control
  • Should draw each portlet such as bar chart, pie, stack bar or table grid.

Having these basics on the dashboard mockup will help the technical team easily convert into a dummy prototype or a working prototype.

Once you have the mockup, you can easily use any dashboard software to build a quick working prototype. The beauty of this quick working prototype is that you can simply create an Excel spreadsheet and fill up with test data and then build the dashboard.

The prototype is working because it is sourcing from live Excel data and the only thing remaining is to figure how to source live data from actual database.

This is one of the rapid dashboard development method that is very popular among small and medium business users.