More Free Javascript Charting Engines

Continuing the series of free Javascript charting engines, we will look at

  • Emprise Javascript Charts
  • jQuery Google Charts

Emprise Javascript Charts:

Emprise JavaScript Charts is a desktop-based charting engine. There is a variety of licences available for this product, including a free option, and it has been tested to work on most browsers, including iPhone, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and more. In total 95% of the market share can access this application. Key features of Emprise include:

  • Interactive Charts – Emprise creates dynamic charts that are fully interactive. Users can zoom in and out, scroll, and use features such as mouse tracking, hints and key tracking and events.
  • Automatic – Emprise automatically scales the axes to the data, ensuring that each chart is laid out in the most space efficient manner.
  • Multiple charts – You can stack several different charts on top of each other if desired.
  • Customisable – Users can customise the interface as well as any features of your charts.
  • Import – Data can be imported on-the-fly from XML formatted files.

You can download Emprise Javascript charts at Signing up for the free user licence will mean that all of your charts will be watermarked however, and the cheapest fee paying option is $100, which includes additional types of charts.

jQuery Google Charts:

jQuery Google Charts is a free javascript plugin that creates simple charts using basic source code. It has limited features, which are centred mainly on the creation of the following charts:

  • Barcharts – You can customise colours, dimensions, axis labels, spacing, background and more.
  • Stacked Barcharts – horizontal or vertical
  • Line Charts – There are a variety of options here, including filled line charts, the style of the line and sparklines.
  • Pie Charts
  • 3D Pie Charts

You can access JQuery Google Charts here. It appears that all data must be entered manually, which will of course be a series drawback to any business or organisation that has a large amount of data to be charted.