More Javascript Charting Engines

Continuing the series of javascript charting engines that are suitable for creating dashboard charts, we will now look at:

  • jQuery Visualise
  • JavaScript Diagram Builder

jQuery Visualise:

jQuery Visualise is an approach to charting with JavaScript that can take data from a HTML table and then produce a line, bar, area or pie chart. Some of the key features of this plugin are:

  • Customisable Charts – Standard customisations options, such as colour, width,  height and style.
  • Style with CSS – Three options for style, position and colour scheme, using three CSS files.
  • Scheduled Updating – You can set your chart to refresh its data over a set period of time.

jQuery Visualise can be downloaded from this site. There is also detailed information about the product and coding examples.

JavaScript Diagram Builder:

This is essentially a library of objects and functions, that can be used to create simple charts in a webpage. This charting application is best suited to Windows and Linux operating systems. It functions most effectively on Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, Opera 7+, or Konqueror 3+, but can also be used with Netscape 4+ and Opera 5+. Some features will be disabled if these browsers are used however. The main features of the current edition of JavaScript Diagram Builder are:

  • Define Target Window – You can choose how you want your chart to be displayed on the page.
  • Grid Values – You can determine the grid values without having to draw the diagram.
  • Color – There is a variety of color options for each aspect of the chart, along with other formatting options.
  • Charts – Line, Area and Pie charts are available.

JavaScript Diagram Builder is copyrighted freeware. You can download it at this address.