Museum Dashboard | A dashboard with no fancy charts

How a dashboard can be effective with no fancy charts


This is a Museum Dashboard screenshot from Indianapolis Museum of Art

The ‘transparency’ that the Dashboard offers is remarkable – it not only makes that information available on an ‘almost live’ basis, most importantly it makes it ‘accessible’. Everything from the number of new artworks on view and website visitors to new plantings in the gardens and budget performance, many statistics are available, and many more can be drilled down and explored in greater depth.

Average Time on Web site

The average amount of time spent by visitors to

The average time spent on the Web site by visitors is an indicator of the quality of the content provided. Over time, the IMA hopes to increase the number of hits to the Web site, as well as the amount of time visitors spend exploring the content.

The IMA tracks its vital Web statistics through Google Analytics. The number presented is the total time on site for all visits during the last 30 days divided by the total number of visits. The data is reported to the dashboard by the IMA’s Director of New Media on a monthly basis.


Fans on Facebook

Number of the IMA’s Fans on Facebook

The IMA leverages technology as a means of communication and audience development. Facebook is one of several online social networks through which the IMA reaches audiences. Users of the social network can become “fans” of the IMA’s page as a function of the site.

Facebook reports the total number of fans as individuals opt into the IMA’s social network. IMA’s Communications Manager reports the total number of “Facebook Fans” on a monthly basis to the dashboard.

Energy Consumption

The IMA’s average daily energy consumption for April 2008.

The IMA’s operations staff is committed to consistently meeting the stringent temperature and humidity requirements within the Museum while, at the same time, conserving energy. Through an intense review of operating protocols and with a focus upon conservation, the staff has reduced average monthly electricity and natural gas usage by over 25 percent since the beginning of 2006. The lower energy requirement has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3,500 tons CO2.

Electricity consumption and natural gas usage are the two factors combined to determine the IMA’s total campus energy demand. This statistic differs from average daily electrical consumption which only includes electricity use. These numbers and trends are tracked by the staff of the IMA’s Chief Operating Officer.

Total Educational Tour Participation

Students who have participated in educational tours at the IMA in 2008.
Guided Self-Guided Viewfinders Total
9169 3957 2824 15950

Guided tours of the IMA galleries are available to educational groups (universities, preschools, after-school programs, home school groups and traditional classrooms) for grades preschool and up. Tours are free of charge if scheduled at least three weeks in advance. These tours are conducted by professionally trained volunteer educators (docents) who are specifically assigned to the tour.

This statistic represents the total number of students and chaperones registered for docent-guided tours of the IMA’s collection. The total is updated monthly by the IMA’s education division.

You can find more Metrics and definition at the dashboard website

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