National Gas Price Dashboard – AAA – Corda Centerview


This is another dashboard from Corda. The dashboard looks neat and serves the purpose of showing gas prices by state.

However, There is a major flaw with the bar charts? Can you spot them?

Exactly, the bar charts just look like plain rectangle and it is not the tool problem but a design issue.

The reason it appears as a big rectangle rather than an up and down bar charts is because most of the top 5 states have the gas price close to $4. This is true for the cheapest gas price too. The gas price is between $3 and $4.

Now we know for sure that the gas price is never going to be $0 so why start the scale with Zero? Instead why not eliminate the 0,1, and 2 all together from the X- Axis.

Instead a more refined scaling between 3.50 to 4.50 for the first bar chart will make it more legible and you can easily spot the top and bottoms.

Similarly a scale of 3.00 to 4.00 for the cheapest gas bar chart would be more appropriate.

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