NetCharts Financial Dashboard from Visual Mining

NetCharts Performance Dashboards are desktop based applications that come in three packages, Excel Edition, Desktop Edition and Enterprise Edition. As indicated by the name, the Excel Edition accesses data stored in Excel files only. The Desktop Edition is designed for individual use and the Enterprise Edition will function over a group server. Some features you can expect from the Deskop and Enterpise Editions include the following.

  • Multiple Data Sources – With NetCharts you can connect to multiple data sources at once in order to obtain real time information from all aspects of your business.
  • Relative Date Formatting – You can choose a particular date and the dashboard will provide you data from each of your charts relating to activity on that date.
  • KPI Indicators – Customise your dashboard to highlight KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), along with any ‘hot spots’ that may require attention. This data is highlighted for you by NCPD visual alerting.
  • Drill Down – NetCharts Financial Dashboard will give you additional information on any data point on the dashboard itself.
  • Export and Share – You can export KPIs as Excel files and you can email or print your dashboards for archival.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards