Online Marketing Module from myDIALS

The Online Marketing Module is a dashboard that has been designed by myDIALS that helps website owners and online marketers to analyse the effectiveness of their advertising. In order to achieve this, that dashboard compiles data from Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords and Google Analytics and presents them in an easily readable format.

This dashboard displays its data using a tab system. The main tab gives a breakdown of all the user’s marketing activities, along with activity breakdowns. The main area of the first tab gives an overview of the user’s website statistics, with information on visits, page views, bounce rate etc. This area also includes information on social media feedback, including fan numbers, tweets, retweets etc.

At the bottom of the page there are a number of gauges, which give performance results relating to bounce rate, retweet rate etc. These gauge charts are in fact a major drawback to this dashboard as they occupy quite a bit of space but provide only a limited about of information. The dashboard would be more useful if it provided a line chart in place of these gauges, with clearly delineated trend lines showing past performance for comparison.

Further details and additional data can be found in the additional tabs which are included in this dashboard. There is a tab for Social Media, for Twitter, Facebook, Referrals, Paid Search, and the Web Site itself. All of these tabs provide a similar breakdown to that featured on the main page. This dashboard can be accessed here, where a free trial is available.

online marketing dashboard