Open Enrollment Management – Status Dashboard

What is Open enrollment?

Employers that offer more than one health plan will allow employees to switch their coverage between plans only during one time of the year. This is called open enrollment.

At this time, you have the opportunity to change plans if you are unhappy in any way with your current health plan. Although you will probably be notified of the open enrollment by your office benefits coordinator, you may want to ask in advance so you will have time to compare the plans available to you.

This dashboard provides a high-level summary of activity for your open
enrollment period. In addition to viewing key performance indicators that track the number of participants who have enrolled during the period, you can navigate to reports that display life event information for articipants, open action items, and employee participation by plan type, plan, or option in plan.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
The Open Enrollment Management dashboard provides KPIs that display a summary of open enrollment activity, including the number of eligible person’s enrolled and not enrolled in the period.

You can view the data for the selected program in the dashboard
using the following KPIs:
• Number of Total Eligible Participants
• Number of Participants Who Have Made Elections
• Number of Participants Who Have Not Made Elections
• Number of Participants in Defaulted Elections

Open Enrollment Status

The Open Enrollment Status displays the number of eligible participants who have made elections, not made elections, or accepted default elections in the enrollment period for the reporting group or program that you select.

You can use this report/metric to quickly understand enrollment trends as your open enrollment period progresses. The graph displays your participation statistics based on the effective date you select and the total number of eligible participants for the program or reporting