Oracle Design Guidelines – Queries Views (Part 6)

In the previous posts we have looked at the various formatting guidelines for reports that are based on user queries. So far we have considered the best settings for column and gridline displays, layouts and charts. However an important consideration when setting up Queries Views is the issue of titles, or Titles Views.

When setting up report titles, always ensure that the name of the report is set as the title name. There is then a ‘Display Save Name’ option that must be checked, to ensure that the report title is visible to users. Avoid any hard-coded titles in the reports at all times. The Oracle Design Guidelines also recommend that subtitles be included in every report, whether they state the time and date of the report generation, or whether they include report navigation information. An additional feature that can come in handy is a help URL, which can be included as part of the title view.

When setting up titles it is important to use formatting that will make them stand out, without drawing too much attention. The Oracle Design Guidelines recommend using a Double Border Style, which can be chosen by selecting ‘Edit Title’, followed by the ‘Custom’ option in the Border Position category.

It is also possible to include images in Title Views. The Oracle BI application includes a selection of images that can be embedded into report titles. The full list, along with embedding instructions, can be found here.