OrderMotion’s Live View Dashboard

The Live View dashboard from OrderMotion is a very specialised dashboard which is both striking and unique. It has been specially designed to display realtime information from eCommerce and Direct Response TV marketers. For those of us who are unfamiliar with this terminology, this refers to groups who conduct their business through infomercials and on the internet.

Businesses such as these continuously generate large amounts of data in the sales category alone. Land-based stores generally have to deal with the data from in-store sales with occasional returns and refunds. However eCommerce and Direct Response TV marketers also have to account for cancellations, returns, various methods of payment and void orders.

The OrderMotion Live View Dashboard uses a distinctive combination of funnels and gauges to give a graphical analysis of real-time sales data. The uppermost layer of the funnel shows the inital sales number. As the funnel descends, it narrows due to cancellations, returns etc. As the site itself explains, a funnel that does not narrow too much is preferable as this illustrates only a small difference between orders and completed sales.

As with most professional dashboards, the display can be filtered by various factors such as time and channel. There is a also a series of gauges providing additional information on sales performance. Further information can be acquired from OrderMotion.