Panopticon Fund of Funds Dashboard

Panopticon provide a range of business intelligence solutions, with dashboards that are centered mostly on treemaps, scatterplots and heatmaps, but also using standard charts such as line graphs.

The Fund of Funds dashboard monitors the behaviour of a selected group of funds, and charts their performance on a single screen. The use of treemaps allows the user to notice any irregularities or underperforming funds immediately.

There is also a drill down feature that incorporates assessments of volatility and risk, in order to provide decision makers with the maximum amount of information possible.

The scatterplots allow users to compare performance and risk data for any particular fund. At any point the dashboard can be simplified using filters, which will limit the dashboard to only showing certain features or specific funds.

Panopticon dashboards are simple to use and easy to learn. The developers claim that the learning curve lasts just 15 minutes and that the development cycle is less than a day. This ad hoc business intelligence solution can therefore be installed and applied in a very short space of time.

Panopticon Funds Dashboard