Payables Dashboard | What to measure in Account Payables (AP)

By using the Payables Management dashboard, payables managers and analysts can analyze operational efficiency by monitoring invoice processing efficiency and by identifying outstanding invoices or recurring problems for particular operating units in the areas of invoice activity, payments, discounts taken, and holds.


Invoice Activity
The Invoice Activity report displays, by operating unit and supplier, the total number of invoices entered, manually or electronically, as well as the amount and distribution of invoices. Canceled invoices and expense reports are not included.

You can use the Invoice Activity report to answer business questions such as:

• What is the total volume of invoices entered over a given period of time?
• Has invoice volume increased over time? If so, has this delayed processing?
• Is a particular operating unit entering more invoices in the current period compared
to last year?
• Has the progression toward electronic invoicing improved the organization’s
• Which suppliers issued invoices to a particular operating unit?



Electronic Invoices
The Electronic Invoices report displays information about the percentage of invoices to
operating units, listed by supplier, that are electronic and how those electronic invoices
were transmitted.

You can use this report to answer business questions such as:
• What proportion of invoices entered into Oracle Payables are electronic?
• What protocol was used to send and receive those invoices: XML, EDI, or others?

Electronic Invoices Trend
The Electronic Invoices Trend report displays information about the number and
percentage of electronic invoices by operating unit, listed by supplier, for the period to
date. There are no other drills from this report.
You can use the Electronic Invoices Trend report to answer business questions such as:
• How many electronic invoices were entered during this period?
• What percentage of all invoices were entered electronically?

Paid Invoices
The Paid Invoices report displays information about invoice payment activity throughout
the selected period. The report includes details on the total number and amount of
payments and invoices.

You can use this report to answer business questions such as:
• How many invoices were paid? What was the amount paid on those invoices?
• How many invoices were paid on time or past due? What was the outstanding
amount due on those invoices?
• What percentage of payments were electronically distributed?