Performance Dashboard from Visual Mining

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of their NetCharts application, Visual Mining have put together a sample Performance Dashboard, pictured below.

The Perfomance Dashboard demonstrates a number of features of this business intelligence tool. All of the charts have been created by drawing on a standard Excel document. However these dashboards can accept data from a number of different sources. This dashboard is based on sales figures accrued over a one year period, and once the fields and tables had been selected NetCharts Performance Dashboards can then configure a range of KPI types and display options.

The drill-down features of this dashboard are extensive, allowing detailed information to be included as a subset of each chart. This dashboard is highly interactive and can be almost completely customised. As can be seen, the layout of the dashboard can be arranged to suit requirements, with a range of charts positioned in such a way as to allow instant comparison and analysis. NetCharts can be accessed at, where it is available for a free trial.

Visual Mining Interactive NetCharts Performance Dashboard