Population Growth in London Dashboard

The concept behind this dashboard is fairly self-explanatory. It uses existing data about population growth in the Greater London area to predict a future growth trend in the city. The data ranges from 2001 to extrapolated data for 2031.

The centre of this dashboard is dominated by a map of the Greater London area, which has been divided into regions known as wards. On the right hand side of this map is a menu listing various filtering options, such as crime rates, life expectancy, birth and death rates etc. Selecting one of these options provides additional filtering choices, which alter the colour coding on the map when selected. On the opposite side of the dashboard there is a table displaying results by area, along with the associated colour coding. On the base of the dashboard there is a trend line chart and a filled line chart. When a particular area is selected the trend chart displays current data by year, and then extrapolates forward to indicate a possible value for 2031. The filled line chart displays the comparative results of the wards in the chosen area.

An additional option provided by this dashboard is to filter results by area. This allows users to focus on specific boroughs in Greater London, which filters the results considerably. Overall this dashboard contains a vast amount of information, and displays it in a clear and effective manner.

Population Stats Dashboard