Product Management – Engineering Dashboard

The Product Management – Engineering dashboard allows you to monitor a product’s engineering and manufacturing process, enabling you to make faster and better decisions.

Some of the key performance indicators in this dashboard are:
• Unit Cost
• Part Count
• Manufacturing Steps
• Change Orders
• BOM levels
Engineering managers and product managers can use the Product Management – Engineering dashboard and its associated reports to see if an item is complex to manufacture, or to see its change order creation and cycle time trends.





Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
The following KPIs appear on this dashboard.
BOM Levels: The maximum number of levels defined in an Item’s primary Bill of material, indicating the depth of an assembly.

Change Order Cycle Time (Days): The average time it takes to implement a change order. Only the distinct change order headers, line-level item associations, and
revised items are considered in this calculation.

• Manufacturing Steps: The number of operation sequences required to manufacture a product, as defined by the item’s primary routing. Only operation sequences that are defined for the end assembly and effective on the as of date are considered.

• New Change Orders: The total number of change orders generated or raised for this product in the current period.

• Open Change Orders: The total number of change orders without a Implemented or Cancel date on the as of date. This number also includes change orders that have an
Implemented or Cancel date that falls after the selected date.

• Part Count: Number of end-level components in an item’s primary BOM. This count summarizes all of the individual components in the product’s primary bill of materials without considering the quantity of each component. Only components that are effective on the as of date will be included in this value.