Product Revenue Bookings and Backlog Dashboard

The Product Revenue Bookings and Backlog dashboard shows the state of revenue, from booked to recognized. You can see the revenue backlog for a given time period, how it compares to previous time periods, and the details of what comprises it.

Use the Product Revenue Bookings and Backlog dashboard to follow the course of potential revenue from firm orders to invoicing, and all the way to the revenue recognition process:
• View net product bookings in a selected period or over time.
• View revenue booked in a selected period or over time.
• View revenue resulting from new business booked in the selected period.
• View product revenue backlog in a selected period or over time.

Revenue, Bookings & Backlog KPIs
Revenue, Bookings & Backlog key performance indicators (KPIs) are described in this section.

KPI Deƒinitions
Net Booked
: (Total Value of Order Lines Booked) – (Absolute Value of Total Value of Return Lines Booked)
Revenue associated with all order lines for products that have been booked plus the negative value of returns order lines that have been booked.

The net booked metrics take into consideration that some order line bookings are for a positive value while others, for return lines or RMAs, are for a negative value. Metrics are based on the firmed date rather than the booked date when a firmed date is available; in the case that the firmed date value is null, then the booked value is based on the booked date.
Revenue: Revenue recognized from the sale of products, but not services. Recognized revenue is revenue that has satisfied a set of recognition criteria, enabling it to be credited to an income statement; if the revenue has not met established criteria, then it is deferred until the criteria are met. Revenue enters the Receivables system when an order has been fulfilled and an invoice is generated. Depending on the rules associated with an invoice line, the revenue is either recognized
immediately or deferred according to a set of rules that results in a revenue recognition schedule. Manual review and allocation of revenue into deferred and recognized categories is also possible in many cases, because recognizing revenue can be a matter of judgment.
The revenue figures in the Product Revenue Bookings and Backlog dashboard will not be the net of:
¡E Offsetting amounts usually tracked in other accrued accounts (for example, bad
debt and payment discounts).

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