Project Dashboard KPI – 1

Projects KPI Listing

Available Resource Percent
Available Hours / Capacity Hours
Billable Cost
Billable Project Cost
Billable Percent of Budget Cost
Billable Cost / Budget Cost
Billable Percent of Total Cost
Billable Cost / Total Cost
Billable Utilization Percent
Billable Weighted Hours / Capacity Hours
Capital Cost
Project Cost eligible to be capitalized
Capital Percent of Total Cost
Capital Cost / Total Cost
Capital Project Cost
Capital Project Cost
Contract Project Cost
Contract Project Cost
Non Billable Cost
Non Billable Cost
Project Backlog
Project funding not yet accrued as revenue – unrecognized funding.
Project Book To Bill Ratio
Project Bookings / Project Revenue
Project Bookings
Project funding allocated
Project Expense
Project costs not eligible to be capitalized and therefore to be expensed