Project Management Dashboard from Benchmark Business Intelligence

The Project Management Dashboard from Benchmark Business Intelligence is an impressive and attractive dashboard that has an efficient and well organised layout. It allows project managers to view ongoing projects from throughout an organisation in a clear and interactive format.

When the dashboard is initialised, users are greeted with a list of ongoing projects. Selecting a project by clicking on it opens that project’s dedicated dashboard. For this post we will look at the first dashboard on the list, which is dedicated to the Trade Digitizer Project.

This dashboard is divided into 5 sections, the largest of which is the Project Summary category. This provides all of the basic essential information on the project, such as the name of the Project Manager and the Project Sponsor. The remainder to the dashboard is made up of a selection of tables displaying important data for this project. A selection of charts and tables are used in this dashboard, but there is a strong bias towards horizontal bar charts. Each of these charts can be expanded to reveal a larger more detailed chart, which include drill down features and additional data.

An interactive version of this dashboard can be accessed at

Project Management Dashboard