Project Management Dashboard from Benchmarkers

The Project Management Dashboard from Benchmarkers is designed to help users keep track of the various tasks involved in managing a project. In this example we will look at a Clean Energy Project.

This dashboard is divided into five different sections, so as to best display the various aspects that must be considered. On the left hand side of the dashboard the Project Summary can be seen, which shows certain important details pertaining to the project. The central column of the dashboard is then divided into two sections, labelled Timelines and Resources. The Timelines block displays the various phases in the project, and at which stage in the overall process each phase is implemented. This is represented by a simple horizontal bar chart.

The Resources section displays information on the various resources that are involved in this project. Finally the third column of the dashboard focuses on Issues and Risks, and Dependencies. The Issues and Risks section is divided into three columns, which are colour-coded. There are three rows, for Open, In-Progress and Closed issues and risks. The additional two columns show the number of issues and risks in each category. Finally, there is a Dependencies section, which shows the various elements that can impact upon the project.

Project Management Dashboard