Receivables Status Dashboard | AR Status Dashboard

This Accounts Receivables Status Dashboard provides a summary view of the receivables balance at a given point in time. This dashboard shows the amount of apst due receivables, open receivables, and unapplied receipts, as well as the aging composition of the receivables and the average number of days by which customers are past due.

On a day-to-day basis, the efficient resolution of recievables issues is a critical part of the overall order – to – cash flow. This dashboard helps you to indentify and prioritze the areas in the department that require immediate action or research. You can view the most past due customers and retrieve contextual information about those customers in order to determine the best method and tone for collecting from those customers. You can also regularly monitor receipts activity, helping the organization to apply receipts in a timely manner.

  • The Top Past Due customers content area provides a view of the amount of receivables past due at a given point in time and the top ten past due customers. The top past due customers table and graph always show the top past due customers as of the last update date and are not controlled by the as-of-date parameter.
  • In the unapplied receipts content area, the graph show the total unapplied receipts amount for the current and prior year.

So if you are planning on creating some operation dashboard reporting AR and Payables activities it is good idea to look for the below samples as a guideline