Visualisation Dashboard from MicroStrategy is a website that provides detailed information on the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This site constantly updates, giving detailed information on how government funds are being used and for what purposes. The data on this site is provided by all the Federal agencies which are affected by the ARR Act.

Microstrategy’s Visualisation Dashboard for this site takes all of the information that is updated to this site and automatically rearranges it to create a coherent and clear report. Each Federal agency is obliged to submit a “Financial and Activity Report”, detailing expenditure and funding levels. While it would be an exhaustive process to sort through each of these reports for any single KPI for comparative reasons, the Visualisation Dashboard does all of this for you.

This is a live and interactive dashboard. Therefore users can choose which information they want to see and how they want to see it. There is a range of drill down features, which provide additional data on each aspect of the report. For example users can choose between a Current Snapshot display and an Agency Details report. Each of the charts within the different views are also adjustable and can be set to aggregate and present a range of different data sets.

This dashboard is incredibly useful, taking what would be a tedious and frustrating site and transforming it into relevant and dynamic information that can be clearly understood and utilised. This dashboard is clearly useful for news agencies, but also to economists, other academics and those who have a strong interest in how well the United States functions.

MicroStrategy's Dashboard