Retail Sales Dashboard by Corda Technologies Inc

Corda Technologies are business intelligence specialists, who have produced a range of sample dashboards to demonstrate the capabilities of their products. Below you can see just one of them, their retail sales dashboard. This is a live dashboard that is fully interactive and comes complete with filtering and drill down features.

Upon first encountering this dashboard you will be faced with a map of the United States, occupying the majority of the Store Revenue tab. These states are colour coded based on revenue, with a key at the bottom. While this is an effective layout, it would be prehaps preferable to use a range of contrasting colours, instead of varying shades of blue. Quite a large percentage of the population suffers rom some form of colour blindness, and even those who don’t might find it initially difficult to distinguish between such similar shades of blue. On the right hand side of the dashboard there are two charts displaying the highest earning stores nationwide and the lowest earning stores. Once a state is selected these charts change to display the highest and lowest earning stores in that state, while the map gives an overview of the state and the cities containing stores. Again these are colour coded to give an indication of the revenues in question.

The second tab on the dashboard focuses on Merchandise Returns and contains a pie chart breaking down merchandise sales by department. A table at the bottom provides information on the best selling products. If a particular department is selected, then the best selling products in that department are displayed. The remaining two tabs on the dashboard deal with customer satisfaction and customer location, both of which are modeled on the layout of the Store Revenue tab. This highly effective dashboard can be accessed here.