Sales and Marketing Dashboards

Dashboard Purpose: Sales and Marketing Departments can view these dash-boards using a web browser to evaluate revenue by product, geography, and division, as well as track sales opportunities by product, amount and time period. To drill down to transactional-level details and interact with these dash-boards, visit the online demo at

Sales and Marketing dashboard










Marketing Dashboard










Technology: NetCharts Performance Dash-boards can display data from a variety of live, network accessible relational databases (e.g., Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server) in addition to data stored in Excel spreadsheets or exported into Excel from other data sources. Therefore, a sales or marketing professional can easily display key performance indicators from their CRM software in the same dashboard with data from their data warehouse.

Learn more about NetCharts Performance Dash-boards in this 3-minute video:

About Visual Mining: For more than a decade, Visual Mining continues to be a profitable, trusted and valued provider of business intelligence dashboard and data visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information. Visual Mining’s award-winning NetCharts software delivers comprehensive, intuitive, and effective solutions for both developers and business end-users. Visual Mining’s support and professional services teams complement its products by providing the expertise to ensure success.