Sales Dashboard Example – Bad colors


The use of colors is horrible. The dark blue gradient is un-necessary.

The use of three dimensional (3-d) line chart on the first chart is over-kill.

The Gross Margin % chart looks like a total mis-use of bar charts. This could be better represented by a simple line chart.

I guess this is one of the case where the tool offers multiple ways to represent the same data but the developer or the designer never put a second thought on what information is best suited for which chart.

The range on the y – axis is from 0 to 80. If you know your Gross margin is always going to be above 0 and always below 80 then it makes sense to change the y – axis bounds to gain more zooming effect.

In the above chart the y-axis could be safely trimmed to be in the range of 50-80 and line chart serves the best for this role.


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