Sales Dashboard from BIME

The dashboard pictured below has been put together by BIME to show the sales data of a fictional shoe store. It is a standard sales dashboard with a variety of charts providing a detailed overview and analysis of the data. This is a very attractive dashboard, with eye-catching and colourful charts. However this does not sacrifice functionality.

The top row of the chart provides a profit analysis using a series of horizontal bar charts. This gives a concise but informative breakdown of profit figures per sales channel, per order priority and per product container. These results can also be filtered to provide additional information. A pie chart occupies the centre of this dashboard, with staggered segments for easier readability. This chart breaks down profit figures per product, and can be filtered by state. This information can also be filtered by state.

There is an unusual line chart at the lower end of the page that gives a profit breakdown over time. The graphics and colour scheme are quite attractive here, and the data can be filtered by sales channel. Finally there is a series of sparklines at the base of the dashboard, giving further sales information in a series of sparkline charts. This display can be shown in tile format, with all of the sparklines arranged side by side, or in a 3D cover layout, where each chart can be viewed in isolation.

Overall this is a well laid out dashboard, with many interesting and innovative approaches to graphics and display.